Our Top 10 Apps of 2016

Duo Lingo

We’ve always wanted to learn a new language but never really started, Duo lingo managed to keep me working on French for over a month now I’ve learnt a lot of new words and starting to understand and apply. The sentences can be a little bit random ! Overall, this app is very good thanks to duo lingo i can speak a new language !


Facebook right … if not you need to STOP reading this and download it … Go, now! Any way back on to the subject Facebook is good for finding friends that you haven’t seen in years! I know a couple of weeks back now I found one of my cousins that I never knew I had and told me a lot about my grandmothers dad that died at the age of 25 in WW2 she only herd bits and bobs what was not reliable until I found my cousin! Facebook is a fun way to interact with friends family and loved ones.


Twitter is a worldwide social media site where ordinary people can connect with the whole world and twitter is very, very popular with celebrity’s stars and other well-known people this is one of the reasons twitter is so popular throughout the world. You can follow people and people can follow others and you can post things what are known as “Tweets” and you can direct message people.


This is yet another worldwide social media application however this like snapchat is a photo sharing app where you post your photos for others to see it is like Facebook in every way apart from you post images and pictures rather than Facebook where you post text. You are also given the chance to edit your photos before you post them for all your friends, family and followers to see, you can like and comment on people pictures once they are posted for you to see.

Cannon Camera Connect

This is a different kind of app completely this is for users of cannon cameras with Wi-Fi/nfc enabled within the camera. When you download the free app, you can put your camera somewhere, a tripod for example you can leave your camera and view what your camera can see in on your phone screen you can also take pictures via your phone and change the setting on your camera via your phone.


This is a completely different app compared to the others reviewed, Tubidy is a free app where you download any YouTube video in a quality of your choice over the internet then you can view and listen to your videos in a quality up to 1080P without any internet or mobile data connection.

Plane Finder

This again is very different to the other apps. This as you may of already guessed is a radar app where you can track every commercial and civil aircraft and some military aircraft this does cost £3.99 however you can get a free version for this and it uses your current location to bring up where you are on the map and detailed information on the aircraft and the flight it’s on you can do playback and view any aircraft or aircraft in the whole world and you can search for aircraft with flight numbers and route info and search for airports around the world.


Snapchat is it app which sends photos and videos; with it timer feature, Snapchat offers a unique and fun way to share photos and videos with friends. This mobile app is popular among many-however it is directed towards teens and adults, around the age of 12-24. Snapchat is mostly a hit among teenagers, for instance you tubers, and celebrities, are knowing to use Snapchat as an alternative means of communicating with their followers!


As YouTuber’s our self, and use this app constantly do you content as well as potentially upload via the app. I have currently had minimal problems and I am more than satisfied with the use of the app! You are able to subscribe people and like peoples videos and like us you can make comments towards the you tuber’s videos and you can publish videos to get viewed and you can get paid only if you are successful enough


Netflix is a great app, I rarely have any problems with it and it always runs smoothly however the best thing about Netflix is that you can download movies and TV shows. This makes life great if your a binge watcher from watching at home to watching at work ! Netflix currently has three subscription plans, but every one requires members to pay a fixed price per month. The cheapest is £5.99 per month but it only steams on one device. For £7.49 per month, viewers can watch in HD and on two devices at a time!



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