Our First Blog- IPhone 6S plus Review

Welcome to our first blog and in the blog, we are going to explain our views about the iPhone and what we think can be improved and some key information on the product it self and of course photos of the phone.

Pros and Cons
Firstly Pros!
* Comparatively huge, high-quality 5.5″ (1920×1080) display. Also this is the first biggest apple phone yet.
* It’s Height with width and depths is the same as the new iPhone 7 Plus but … the weight is not as you can see
Weight iPhone 7+.
188 grams
(6.63 ounces)
Weight iPhone 6s +
192 grams � (6.77 ounces)
iPhone 6s Plus:
A9 chip with 64-bit architecture
Embedded M9 motion coprocessor
Camera: Live Photos with stabilisation; Five-element lens,12MP camera, ƒ/2.2 aperture, Digital zoom up to 5x ,Digital zoom up to 5x ,Noise reduction, Panorama (up to 63 megapixels) burst Mode ,timer mode and photo gagging!
Now onto the cons!

Firstly the Large size makes this model difficult for the associate that have the phone or had easier to drop making it effortless. And mostly dropped by holding it with one hand .
Charging; Wires:
Do you use Facebook, Snap Chat, Instagram etc.? We’ve all seen it “Omg man this is the second wire that has broken god sake!” If you look at a power adapter cable for any non-Apple product, you’ll notice some plastic “rings” where the plug transitions to the cable. These rings are called a strain relief. This helps the cable from bending at a severe angle Now it just so happens that the Industrial Design department HATES how a strain relief looks on a power adapter. They would much prefer a nice clean transition between the cable and the plug.
NEXT! Screen and frame
So first the screen did you know Apple turned to potassium to create its “ion-strengthened glass” screen — bathing the glass in the element is what creates the stronger? But really at the end of the day there’s a higher possibility it will crack unfortunately whereas the Samsung has gorilla glass which is quite stronger than the iPhones glass. It is thought to believe that the thinner the model, in addition to the use of aluminium metal in its design, causes the frame to deform. So this is half of the cause to the bent phones!
Our own Opinion

Unless you prefer a smaller physical size, the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus were the best iPhone models that money can buy at the time of their release (now the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are the top of the food chain). But really my opinion is it depends on what your using it for and what you think about it really iPhones are like fashion if you have a iPhone it looks “trendy ” so it’s totally up to you but there’s the facts and there all reliable!


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