Calvin Kleins “one” Review 

This is one of Calvin Klein’s latest Eau de toilette’s, Calvin Klein “One”. The bottle comes in this carboard box with the details on it is quite plain but very sophisticated in the way that there is not a lot on the box however the packaging looks brilliant.

The smell of the fragrance itself is quite a vibrant and fresh smell, like some fragrances you get overpowered with all these different smells and with “one” you get one amazing odour after another and it is one of the best eau de toilette I have experienced.

Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Spray !

CK (Calvin Klein) was officially the first unisex fragrance ! I know what your thinking … unisex how’s that possible? Well I’ll tell you ; it’s Clean and contemporary with a refreshing green tea signature throughout, it is intended to be used lavishly. One amazing spray gives you a freshly cut Fields of Marigold,Rosa,Lilium, and Lavinia.

Then a beautiful smell bitter sour lemons. The smell would make any man or woman go crazy and fall deeply in love with this fresh divine fragrance!

Thanks for reading!!!


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